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т σ н s α κ α s αт ℓιvεנσυяɴαℓ (⚜)

tsun with(out) dere

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私の心の中に ▪ Like an icicle held up towards the sun, seemingly adorned with shine and sparkle, but still slicing through the light (without apology, even). Can't hold on for long; fingers'll feel the bite of a burn before the melting will even begin. But when that ice finally melts, when the waters drip down onto the ground, that's when you realise what she finally is. That's when you realise that that's no puddle. It's the sea, and you may very well drown.

But she won't.

She knows how to swim, after all. ♔

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& then i realised that, i do (not) have a gentle heart, not like before (not anymore), still have a heart though (somewhere)